a lot to be thankful for up in the November skies, including a total lunar eclipse

As 2022 is virtually finished, we seem to the skies of November for some incredible events to rally round.

November is the month which sees the skies open up their full elegance with cool and clear nights and shorter days. simply the aspect that many fans of this column and others look for!

First, we'd want to hope you the greatest for an excellent match and satisfied Thanksgiving season.

We begin our celestial experience with the magic of the moon.

This month we have a true special experience for all of you to view across the us (however handiest some constituents of Alaska) – the 2nd total lunar eclipse of 2022.

greater on that in only a while.

The moon starts off its November calendar experience in the first quarter. you are going to see this within the south at sunset and one of the best instances to view the moon with shadow reduction. From right here, the moon then glides past Jupiter on Nov. four, as a gibbous moon.

From right here the huge experience of the month, a total lunar eclipse on the morning of Nov. eight, Election Day. This looks to be the primary Election Day with a total lunar eclipse – how enjoyable!

This lunar eclipse as outlined before is the second of its type in 2022. The previous eclipse came about may additionally 15.

for a lot of within the japanese component of the US, the Nov. eight eclipse will turn up at most appropriate simply before dawn, and for the western half of the United States, all the way through the early morning hours.

listed here are one of the crucial details on this pleasing eclipse.

first off; be aware that a great deal of the U.S. goes off daytime Saving Time at 2 a.m. Nov. 6.

listed below are instances of this eclipse:

Partial phases start: four:09 a.m. EST / 2:09 a.m. Arizona time

Totality begins: 5:16 a.m. EST / three:sixteen a.m. Arizona time

maximum eclipse: 5:fifty nine a.m. EST / three:fifty nine a.m. Arizona time – totality lasts eighty four minutes

Totality ends: 6:forty one a.m. EST / 4:forty one a.m. Arizona time

Partial Phases end: 7:forty nine a.m. EST / 5:forty nine a.m. Arizona time

The western regions of america are liked for the complete eclipse!

this is a special eclipse in that the moon will experience high in the sky for many of the eclipse as this is standard as the full beaver moon.

more on this eclipse and the way most fulfilling to view it.

When will one other total lunar eclipse occur on Nov. 8?

From here, the moon will movement on to final quarter on the sixteenth and then on to one other new moon on the 30th.

Pay shut consideration to a close flow of the moon and Mars on the eleventh as the moon can be 2 degrees from the moon on the 11th.

even more striking may be the planet Uranus being handiest 0.7 levels from the eclipsed moon on the eighth. In some areas the moon will eclipse (occult) Uranus.

In November we get to view the planet Saturn, high within the south at sundown and visible to the naked eye.

Jupiter continues to be a bright object within the east at sundown.

Mars gets closer to Earth and brighter, effortless to see in the northeastern sky round 10 p.m.

One closing crucial event on the November calendar is the annual Leonid meteor shower.

This 12 months with a waning moon the monitor may be decent. The top should turn up all through the early hours of Nov. 17-18.

appear to the japanese sky after 2 a.m. till sunrise.

The Leonids can "roar" with great activity, however nobody can predict for sure the consequences!

November skies have some thing for all and sundry.

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