From mithais to sexual wellness items: How Diwali gifting concepts are changing

In 2018, a large deepest airline bought a large number of PeeSafe's toilet seat sanitizer sprays for the whole crew. It turned into an unconventional however thoughtful present to supply for Diwali.

A gradual shift is being witnessed in gifting culture. not are mithais, candies, dried fruit and décor gadgets the glaring gifting alternatives for gala's. these days, sexual health, own hygiene, and even exclusive food items such as connoisseur popcorns are being considered as fashionable gifts.

So how did this trade turn up? the area is altering because of the Gen-Z's. They aren't afraid to speak their minds and are greater up up to now on quite a lot of themes and traits and their selections affect americans round. Gen-X is also gaining knowledge of to settle for exchange and provides contemporary items to their family members.

"previously, on every occasion we'd pitch our thought to organisations, individuals would ask, 'What are you doing?' 'Who gifts intimate products?'", says Vikas Bagaria, founder – PeeSafe.

PeeSafe offers travel packs which contain small tubes that you could carry while touring. These are shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, body washes and face washes. These travel packs can charge round Rs.399. however, for the festive season, the can charge has been decreased to simply Rs.99, resulting in decent demand for the product.

categories which saw an uptake

In Gujarat, the condom income for Domina feminine condoms that are part of PeeSafe's product portfolio is the optimum. This huge uptick become witnessed just earlier than Navratri season.

additionally, all through festivities, PeeSafe has seen the user base of their menstrual cup grow from 25 % to 30 percent month per month. This might possibly be due to attention of menstrual cups being more advantageous than sanitary pads, the place it offers ease whereas visiting.

"There has additionally been an uptick in the revenue of our bathroom seat sanitizer sprays during this festive period owing to people traveling round." Bagaria adds.

There definitely is a shift in purchaser tradition and how americans have all started to examine gifting. a huge element of the buyer set is migrating to products and features that add long run cost in its place of just one-day cost. This focus has permeated into how individuals believe about quite a lot of product portfolios. One such portfolio is pet care gifting.

keeping this in mind, pet solutions manufacturer Heads Up For Tails has get a hold of quite a few items akin to bows, collars and different accessories that stay with you for a long time, normally adding cost.

in addition, they are additionally specializing in natural and non-poisonous items for pets and have get a hold of therapeutic massage oils which are fabulous this time of the 12 months. here is as a result of with the onset of the festive season and with the cold wave just about to kick in, you need to make certain that your pets coat remains in shape.

a large portion of the buyer set is migrating to products and functions that add long run value in its place of only one-day price.

"we have seen acceptance and emergence of products that are natural, first rate for the planet and good for you." Says Samriddh Dasgupta, chief marketing officer – Heads Up For Tails.

lastly, an important shift that's additionally being observed is a life-style extension shift. individuals are extra interested in products which are extensions of their own life. hence, in case you purchase a product that makes you believe proud and chuffed, as a human, you want an analogous product line for your pets as well.

some thing new in the basket

throughout fairs, many of the electronics, own care, fit to be eaten items get a boost, on account of which they relish brilliant income.

however one familiar suitable for eating merchandise nevertheless makes an everyday look within the diwali basket. The popcorn market in India is not yet developed. how many people are truly eating capable-to-devour popcorn in the country? in the case of the packaged equipped popcorn market in India, the percentage still is still small. In 2021, it accounted for less than 0.5% share of the snack market with cinemas and theatres because the principal sales touch points. If yet another specification in the variety of suit alternate options receives introduced during this small category, it only limits the use case of launching the product.

"as soon as we delivery hitting decent numbers in terms of competent-to-devour popcorn consumption, then the country might be able for anything particular like this. As of now, it is simply too early for us to task into the vegan or keto category," says Chirag Gupta, founder – 4700BC.

"The motive we supply presents is to sign to somebody that they are vital. The reward itself that I provide somebody also needs to have meaning. it may't be beside the point." Says Prakash Sharma, co-founder – 1001 reviews.

in response to him, there are two simple approaches in which one can provide somebody a present. a technique, is to spend a certain amount of cash on it. second method is to present some thing that has some significance to them. whatever thing that holds emotional price.

"for instance, let's say you adore rock and roll and i find out that you're a big time fan of Nirvana. as a substitute of giving you whatever generic, I might might be reward you a copy of Kurt Cobain's diary. This also shows that I put the time and energy to take into account you as an individual and consequently reward something this is imperative to you. it might not be as costly as anything however the approach you convey price needn't handiest be via cash. Effort also becomes a means of conveying cost correctly," Sharma provides.

Festive offerings of brands

Vikram Mehra, managing director – Saregama India, the maker of Caravan, pointed out in a news record that the hobby shifted from commonplace and obvious selections similar to clothes, telephones, dry fruits, diyas to greater thoughtful gifts. Even company presents have viewed greater inclination to organic, extra eco-pleasant products.

each competition in India signifies some thing and extends an opportunity to manufacturers to diversify their choices to join with its target audience. in this case, since Diwali is right here, manufacturers have designed entertaining product propositions that capture the sentiment of the pageant and carry them at sell out fees.

The reason we give gifts is to signal to a person that they're vital. The present itself that I provide somebody also must have which means. it could't be inappropriate.

Pet wellness brand Heads Up For Tails has designed a 'reward of pleasure' container for this festive season. It's a fantastically designed box that incorporates chocolates inspired with the aid of Diwali. There are fit to be eaten mithais in the form of diyas and ladoos mainly made for canine.

"we've nutritionists and product designers who work as part of our group. Our nutritionist made these dog mithais which have a shelf life of 6 weeks and have zero preservatives. All herbal, highly nutritious, gluten free and lactose free," says Samriddh Dasgupta.

The box also carries a bow tie and a toy in the form of a diya. The toy is double stitched and sturdy. The internal of toy is filled with non-toxic substances. all the colors used are vegetable dyes which makes it non-toxic and chemical free. At Rs.1200, Dasgupta hopes it's a thrilling offering.

additionally, the manufacturer carefully works with numerous animal shelters and NGOs across the nation. a huge component of their income gets contributed again to this welfare neighborhood.

"This Diwali we wish to aid our NGO companions. We're doing a donation pressure, where we're doing a reflective collar and have made earmuffs which block out noise that might be donated through this initiative," adds Gupta.

client brands are spending billions of bucks to be certain you retain purchasing stuff to supply away on festive events.

In previous reviews, Anil Viswanathan, managing director – Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, had observed that India has a extremely mighty gifting tradition and the packaged meals company sees a large upswing sought after principally on occasions comparable to Rakhee and Diwali.

company gifting has also seen a transformation in gifting patterns. businesses are getting artistic with their Diwali gifts. besides the average sweets, digital gifts such as vouchers and gift cards are the most frequent alternate options. Following this are electronics, health options and home utilities.

Biz2Credit, an internet financing platform for small agencies, has moved past common gifting options this year and the way! The business has given BMW bikes to amazing performers and iPads to rising superstars. in addition to this, the company introduced that the exact performers, which is over 60 % of their personnel would stand up to forty instances their performance linked incentives, different cash rewards, silver coins, and so on., as part of the Diwali present.

here's anything to herald the festive cheer!

everyone, appropriate from giant organizations to small groups of chums and household were swaying faraway from the average mithais and sweets and have begun to adopt extra modern types of gifting. These presents have more long run price and are based on the up to date developments. it's in any respect possible that usual sweets and mithais might also no longer be regarded the obvious choices for fairs? Is it feasible that average gifting might also soon get replaced by new age, modern presents?

there's one very essential element to bear in mind right here. there is an abundance of rituals and collective memories in a country like india. Of course rituals trade over time and you enhance new collective memories however within the near future as a minimum mithais and sweets will not lose their relevance. Mithais signify the advent of a pageant. New yr is a vacation, Diwali is a holiday and Dussehra is a holiday. How do you distinguish between these holidays? There are different rituals carried out for each and every break. as an instance, how did you know that New yr is really New yr and never summer time holiday? here is because there are anticipated movements performed that differentiate them. On New year's, we birthday celebration with friends and family. In summer vacation, we might ideally go out of city. hence, common presents akin to mithais and sweets are parts of festive traditions and can't be replaced in a single day.

additionally, Indians have a sweet enamel. It's how we showcase that we look after one another. also, festivals are a time of indulgence. It the time of year the place americans forget about calories and indulge in foods. Let's say Uncle has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. subsequently, he has to reduce again on his consuming habits. In this sort of case, Uncle appears ahead to gala's, the place in the moment, it is considered okay to indulge in that one additional mithai. however, there are numerous entertaining approaches wherein we can mark a pageant. Which is why contemporary gifting concepts are gaining traction. Going ahead, we will truly see a niche consumer phase with a view to decide on contemporary, new age presents. youngsters, we're without doubt no longer in danger of a global where people will forget mithais.


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