I made the ‘top of the line’ Halloween costume, but some don’t get the optical phantasm

in case you're scrambling to discover a latest-minute Halloween costume, one TikToker can also have the answer — in case you can work out the bizarre optical phantasm.

An amateur comic claims to have devised "the most beneficial costume ever," a glance that's garnered greater than 300,000 likes — and a few boos.

In a viral TikTok video, @Lukaaluuke straps himself to a dummy to make it look like he's a zombie being carried by means of a person wearing a gasoline masks and a hazmat swimsuit. 

"You're announcing this is the top-quality costume ever?" the lady filming the video says with skepticism as she watches him slowly assemble the seem to be. "adequate. I don't recognize." 

The get-up is a trick of the attention, considering that it feels like the dummy the person is strapped to is running while carrying his own limp body. He accomplishes the look through strapping on false legs and a fake torso.

A man straps a dummy to his back. "finest Halloween costume ever" man assembles the seem with a dummy strapped to his back. @lukaaluuke/Tiktok

The internet is divided about whether or no longer here's suave. Some commenters shared the TikToker's enthusiasm, whereas others expressed confusion.

"The 'believe the technique' costume," one commenter wrote on the video, regarding the lengthy step-with the aid of-step set-up.

"I don't get it," yet another viewer complained. "Why is a guy in a hazmat swimsuit carrying around a standard searching man?" 

A man with a dummy strapped to his back. false legs strapped to his front make it seem like he's being carried by means of the dummy on his returned. @lukaaluuke/Tiktok A man holds a dummy. a person takes the cyber web during the system of "the finest costume ever." @lukaaluuke/Tiktok

but many viewers praised the optical phantasm nature of the spooky Halloween look. 

"here is so trippy as a result of I literally watched you bring together it but the phantasm is so first rate!!!!" one impressed observer commented. 

"It appears actually heavy," the lady behind the camera remarks, whereas the TikToker explains it weighs 15 to twenty kilos. 

"My brain says this isn't a dressing up it's two people," a different mind-blown fan wrote. 

but, as with anything that claims to be the gold standard, plenty of skeptics rolled their eyes. 

"here's like the ninety six,284th most efficient costume," one adult wrote. 

His audience of 1 become at the least convinced. at the end of the video, the unseen lady filming publicizes, "You're right. here is the premier costume." 

even if or not viewers agree that this zombie costume is the "most desirable ever," all the way through a 12 months when Jeffrey Dahmer costumes are on the upward push, due to the popularity of the hit Netflix exhibit in regards to the serial killer, as a minimum it's not according to fact.


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