KBC 14: Amitabh Bachchan exhibits how all the way through the filming of Muqaddar Ka Sikander he accidently harm Vinod Khanna and he obtained sixteen stitches on his chin

within the newest episode, Amitabh Bachchan starts the episode with the rollover contestant Suraj Das. After introducing the contestant once once again large B resumes the quiz online game and asks him Rs 5000 and the question was: Which of those is true in regards to the state of Bihar?
  • Gir countrywide Park is right here
  • Its capital is Begusarai
  • Ganga flows via it
  • It borders Rajasthan
  • Contestant Suraj asks large B to lock alternative C and he wins Rs 5000. Suraj asks massive B a question involving his film with actor Ravi Kishan referred to as Ganga and says that it became a Bhojpuri film and become a great movie. Later huge B asks the next question for Rs 10,000 which become a tune question:establish the singer of this song:
  • Kishore Kumar
  • Mukesh
  • Mohammed Rafi
  • Mana Dey
  • Suraj thinks for ages and says that or not it's choice C and wins Rs 10,000. After answering the query Suraj says that this movie is his known film of Amitabh Bachchan. He additional adds "had watched it before so was a little perplexed with the answer", and massive B says "itni time-honored film hain toh confusion kya hain kuch nahi hain bilkul sahi jawab diya hain."

    Suraj further says "I had read it someplace that all over the capturing of the film co-actor Vinod Khanna ji is there and also you throw a glass on him and it hits on his chin and he receives 16 stitches is that right?"

    Amitabh Bachchan says "sure that's relevant and i am very sorry about it. we're consuming anything on the bar and i get to understand that my lover is loving someone else with the aid of getting indignant I throw the glass on his thuddhi pe. Bhaisaab if in case you have considered so tons why are you asking me so an awful lot? therefore I needed to throw it down but it hits Vinod Kumar's chin and it hurt us. He became our very shut friend and we took him to the hospital and the medical professional gave him stitches after which I took him to his condominium his wife became there and additionally apologized to her for the accident and left the condo."

    Suraj additional asks large B concerning the title track Muqaddar Ka Sikandar "Sir in case you would do a rehearsal for the bike capturing and also you would experience from Juhu to Bandra and a lot of female fanatics would run behind you", Amitabh Bachchan asks Suraj "Who instructed you about this?" Suraj says that it become written on a google page.

    massive B additional says "so you examine it on the google web page and if in case you have examine it somewhere then I don't learn about it because I on no account turned lower back and saw any woman operating in the back of us. Ye kursi ko aap fatfatiya samajhtey hain. Ye sabh aise hi baatey hain janm janmatar hello sahi mani jati hain. Hum nah rehearsal kiye ya kuch kiye humein bitha diya fatfatiye pe and bola jao aur gaana chala diya aur gaatey gaye aur kya."

    Contestant Suraj answers a number of questions as it should be and goes on to play the second padhav question for Rs three,20,000:

    Which of these is not the name of a position in the Indian Council of Ministers?
  • cabinet Minister
  • Secretariat Minister
  • Minister of State
  • Minister of State (impartial can charge)
  • After considering it via Suraj asks large B to lock alternative B and wins Rs three,20,000 and receives his first cheque from Amitabh Bachchan. Contestant Suraj additional performs up to Rs 25,00,000 questions along with the aid of the three lifelines. Contestant Suraj turned into unable to answer the Rs 50,00,000 question as he changed into not bound in regards to the two alternate options. The query was: Which country celebrates teacher's Day on twenty fourth November, the day when the nation's founder authorized the title of 'Head instructor'?
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • France
  • China
  • As contestant, Suraj is blind to the query he takes his remaining lifeline video name a pal. After studying out the query to his friend, he says that even he's at a loss for words with two options B and C. After not figuring out the suitable reply Suraj quits the video game and takes home Rs 25,00,000.

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