Lunar eclipse on November 8: the way to watch 'Blood Moon'

Lunar eclipse on November eight: a way to watch 'Blood Moon'

Written via Sanjana Shankar

Oct 29, 2022, 05:25 am 2 min read

The final lunar eclipse of the year will be visible on November eight (photo credit score: NASA)

After witnessing the final partial photo voltaic eclipse of the year, we are able to now see the ultimate lunar eclipse of the year on November eight. The adventure will take region from 8:02 to 13:50 (UTC). This can be a 'Blood Moon.' What's significant about this adventure is that a complete lunar eclipse isn't expected to turn up for the subsequent three years.


Why does this story depend?

  • in case you miss November's comprehensive lunar eclipse, then you will ought to wait except March 14, 2025 to witness the next one. however, partial lunar eclipses will continue to take place over this duration.
  • The final lunar eclipse of 2022 is also particular because the Moon will seem pink. here is since the Moon will handiest acquire daylight that is scattered by way of the Earth's environment.
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    When does a lunar eclipse happen?

    A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth aligns itself between the solar and the Moon. In a total lunar eclipse, the moon is located within the umbra, or the darkest part of Earth's shadow. in keeping with NASA, the eclipse will final for approximately six hours from eight:02 to 13:50 (UTC). The Moon may be in constellation Aries and may appear crimson.


    Who can see the lunar eclipse?

    The stage of the eclipse the place the Moon is absolutely in Earth's shadow may also be witnessed from North the united states, significant the united states, Ecuador, Colombia, and western parts of Venezuela and Peru. it's going to also be seen from elements of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. americans in Alaska and Hawaii should be the lucky ones who get to peer the entire tiers of the eclipse.


    how to watch the final lunar eclipse of 2022?

    You will not have any special device to look the lunar eclipse. using a telescope or binoculars may offer a higher view of the Blood Moon. place your self in a dark spot far from any vivid lights to see the adventure. If cloudy or hazy conditions abate your viewing, then that you may watch the are living streaming by means of NASA's Dial-a-Moon.

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