pictures: How partial photo voltaic eclipse became seen across India

Astronomy fanatics turned their gaze in opposition t the sun as the moon begun to cowl the solar disc as a partial photo voltaic eclipse all started on Tuesday.

image: Partial solar eclipse above Srinagar sky amid heavy traffic at streetlevel, October 25, 2022. image: Umar Ganie for

The partial solar eclipse is being followed in a number of constituents of the country with Srinagar witnessing the maximum obscuration of the photo voltaic disc at fifty five per cent.

the first contact, where in the moon starts off to cover the solar disc, took place at four:29 pm in Delhi, where the moon became expected to cover forty three per cent of the photo voltaic disc.

graphic: Partial photo voltaic eclipse in New Delhi. graphic: ANI picture

when you consider that the eclipse is taking place within the night, the ending of the celestial phenomenon are usually not seen as it would take place after sunset.

"A photo voltaic eclipse happens on a new moon day when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the solar and when all of the three objects are aligned. A partial solar eclipse will take place when the lunar disk covers the solar disk partially," an legitimate said.

government officers advised that eclipsed sun may still now not be viewed with the naked eye, even for a very brief time because it may cause permanent harm of the eyes resulting in blindness.

image: Partial photo voltaic eclipse in Punjab. graphic: ANI photo

a safe technique to study the solar eclipse is either through the use of suitable filter like aluminized Mylar, black polymer, welding glass of colour number 14 or via making projection of sun's picture on a white board by telescope.

picture: americans watch partial photo voltaic eclipse in Dadar, Mumbai, October 25, 2022. photograph: Sahil Salvi for

Many critical temples in a few states remained closed on Tuesday due to solar eclipse. 

picture: Partial solar eclipse over Chennai sky. picture: ANI photograph

thousands of devotees from numerous parts of the nation on Tuesday took a holy dip at the sacred Sarovars in Haryana's Kurukshetra right through the photo voltaic eclipse.

photo: a woman watches partial photo voltaic eclipse in Dadar, Mumbai. image: Sahil Salvi

Devotees thronged the Brahma Sarovar, Sannihit Sarovar, Jyotisar Tirtha, Pehowa Tirtha and other websites of the Kurukshetra, the land of Mahabharata.

The district administration had made arrangements for over five lakh americans for the Mela organised all through the solar eclipse, which happened between 4.27 pm to five.39 pm, officers mentioned.

in accordance with Hindu beliefs, a bath within the holy tanks at Kurukshetra all the way through a solar eclipse is considered auspicious.


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