Seagull snatches food out of a girl's hand as she takes a bite. Watch

You might also have viewed how short seagulls are when they steal food from individuals. really, the internet is full of diverse movies showing the birds snatching food regularly out of people's mouths. there's a modern inclusion in that checklist and the video shows a seagull snatching food out of a lady's hand after she takes a chew.

The video was in the beginning posted by way of an Instagram user and digital content material creator Angie. however, the clip created a buzz after being re-shared by way of another Insta page. "See I personally wouldn't let this slide," reads the caption posted together with the clip.

The hilarious video, set to sluggish motion, opens to show a lady taking a bite out of a snack. practically directly after she takes a bite, a seagull seems out of nowhere and snatches the food merchandise correct out of her hand.

The video become shared two days in the past. considering that being posted, the clip has gathered greater than 2.3 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The video has additionally brought on people to put up quite a lot of comments.

"handled with style and charm," shared an Instagram user. " dangerous day for the lady. good day for the chicken," posted an additional. "That's the scariest component I've viewed all week!! She turned into so calm," commented a third. "Hahahahahaahahahahhaa," wrote a fourth.

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