7 states get most advantageous rating (L2) in training Ministry's performance Grading Index

Six states and one Union Territory have attained the superior ranking of degree 2 (L2) in Union training Ministry's efficiency Grading Index (PGI) 2020-21.

No state has been capable of reap the optimum stage of L1 to date. The seven states and united stateswho have got L2 are: Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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efficiency Grading Index (PGI) measures the efficiency of states/americaon a uniform scale to catalyse the transformational change within the container of school schooling. The pursuits of the PGI is to give perception on the repute of school training in states & UTs, as per an legitimate observation.

The PGI constitution comprises of a thousand elements throughout 70 indicators grouped into 2 categories: consequences, Governance management (GM). These categories are additional divided into 5 domains: researching consequences (LO), entry (A), Infrastructure& amenities (IF), equity (E) & Governance process (GP).

score is given in here order:

L1 or degree 1: 951-a thousand; L2: 901-950; L3: 851-900; L4: 801-850; L5: 751:800; L6: 701-750; L7: 651-seven-hundred and L8: 601-650. the most number of states – 12 – are in level 3.

PGI 2020-21 (Photo: PGI 2020-21 report/Education Ministry) © offered through Hindustan instances PGI 2020-21 (photograph: PGI 2020-21 report/training Ministry)

Six states every are in ranges 4 and 5, 4 are in level 5 and Arunachal Pradesh has the bottom rating of L6 among all states. No state or Union Territory is at L7 score.

Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh are the new entrants to level II in 2020-21, schooling Ministry has recommended.

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