how to down load your tweets in case Twitter shuts down completely

Hundreds of Twitter workers reportedly decided to leave after new owner Elon Musk gave them a choice to pledge to “hardcore” work or resign with severance pay. © Gregory Bull/AP hundreds of Twitter workers reportedly determined to leave after new owner Elon Musk gave them a decision to pledge to "hardcore" work or resign with severance pay.

Twitter is in a precarious condition amid growing to be questions about the web page's capacity to continue working. a whole bunch of employees have reportedly opted to quit after the ultimatum that Elon Musk issued to the personnel Wednesday.


The variety of engineers overseeing assorted crucial methods had been decreased, in some cases to near zero, according to americans popular with the circumstance who spoke to The Washington submit, and hashtags together with #RIPTwitter, #TwitterDown and #Goodbye had been trending.

Some Twitter users — together with politicians, embassies and executive departments — have started getting ready for the worst in case the site goes down completely.

in case you're involved, here's what you need to know.

Is Twitter shutting down?

doubtless no longer (at the moment). In public feedback, owner Elon Musk continues to categorical self assurance. in a single day, he pointed out the enterprise had "simply hit a different all-time excessive in Twitter usage" — a high presumably concerning the variety of people tweeting about Twitter.

"The finest people are staying, so I'm now not super involved," Musk wrote Thursday about his employees. bear in mind, Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter, so he has a huge incentive to prevent its cave in.

The fears that Twitter may go down are linked to the current staffing crisis — people regularly occurring with the situation say that many engineers working on essential methods have left, leaving the system at risk of issues and with few people left to fix them.

The departures are also stated to have had a huge have an impact on on teams working on misinformation and fake money owed, which could lead to a rise in on-line harassment or hazards for activists and others who use the web site to share sensitive information.

Some clients were reporting performance complications with Twitter, according to, which indicated that hundreds of Twitter outages had been said in the ultimate 24 hours.

Why are Twitter personnel quitting?

Musk has owned the business for only a month, and staffing tiers have fallen sharply.

Roughly half the workforce became reduce in an preliminary round of layoffs this month. That was followed through Musk's announcement final week that all workers can be required to come back to the office, angering lots of the last staffers.

Then, on Wednesday, Musk issued an ultimatum to the final personnel, telling them to decide to a new "hardcore" Twitter or go away the enterprise with severance pay; that ultimatum expired at 5 p.m. japanese time Thursday. a whole bunch of Twitter personnel opted to take severance as a substitute of staying, current and former personnel pointed out.

Musk has considering that gave the impression to back off on the return-to-office mandate — in what's considered as a sign that the number of these declining to signal was greater than anticipated.

It's not clear how many Twitter employees are ultimate.

How do I download or backup my tweets?

if you're worried about Twitter taking place, which you can birth by downloading your whole historical tweets.

Twitter presents a backup option. Go to Settings → Your Account → down load an Archive of Your statistics. After you jump through a couple of safety hoops, you'll be able to request your assistance as a zipper file by the use of the "request archive" button.

The archived advice should consist of your account tips, account history, apps and instruments, account activity, hobbies and ads information.

once you've made the request, you'll should wait — and will obtain an in-app notification when the archive is able to be downloaded.

Twitter says it could take 24 hours or longer for your statistics to be capable, and it's not clear if the current staffing crunch will have an effect on ready times. besides the fact that children, some third-celebration tweet-deletion tools also present backup facets.

the way to lock down your Twitter records, or leave, as Musk takes over How else can i prepare in case Twitter shuts down?

since Twitter has been accepted for public communique, some political figures and bodies are making preparations in case it shuts down.

as an instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) shared her Instagram address and email along with her 13.5 million Twitter followers, and a number of state corporations within the united states have introduced other ways of retaining informed. Seattle's office of Emergency management has advised residents how to check in for emergency indicators by way of textual content message, cellphone or electronic mail in case Twitter shuts down. a few journalists have also started tweeting out their e-mail or other contact particulars.

if in case you have contacts with whom you talk best by means of Twitter, you may additionally need to ask them for option contact particulars. if you make a decision to submit your contact information on Twitter, take care to share best particulars you're satisfied to be made public.

Who's going, who's staying, who (could be) lower back on Elon Musk's Twitter What alternatives to Twitter are there?

one of the vital main alternative systems shared through Twitter users for the reason that leaving the platform has been the German social network Mastodon, which describes itself because the largest decentralized social community on the cyber web; other clients have touted Tumblr and Discord.

They traded Twitter for Mastodon Social. Now what?

Searches for Mastodon first spiked after Musk announced a Twitter takeover bid in April. more than 70,000 clients joined Mastodon the day after he formally took over, in response to the platform, with over 1 million accounts introduced with the aid of Nov. 12.

Mastodon isn't the same as Twitter, besides the fact that children: The web page has some distance fewer clients, and as an alternative of signing as much as a valuable website, clients join separate sites, or servers. person reports were mixed, with some discovering it intricate to operate.

users additionally may also return to greater established sites akin to Reddit, LinkedIn or Instagram — however none is a direct alternative for how Twitter operates.

Joseph Menn, Nitasha Tiku and Faiz Siddiqui contributed to this file.


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