how to export your Bitwarden vault for safekeeping

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At this factor in the video game, when you are no longer the usage of a password manager, you run the possibility of your bills getting hacked. Why? as a result of with no password manager, you're probably the use of weak passwords so you might be aware otherwise you're storing these passwords in an unprotected file to your computer. should that be the case, any person with access to your machine would have full entry to those passwords. 

With a password supervisor at play, these passwords are encrypted and guarded via a vault password. So, for any individual to view your passwords, they'd ought to understand your vault password first.

On accurate of that, most password managers present elements like random password generators and auditing equipment to assist preserve you abreast of breaches. 

And, for the most half, password managers work flawlessly.

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despite the fact, that doesn't suggest you should err on the side of caution. trust this: you've gotten been the use of a password supervisor -- such as Bitwarden -- for years, and also you've accrued a whole lot of entries. 

What occurs if that vault, containing all of these passwords, gets corrupted and also you lose access? before you panic, in all of the years i have been the use of Bitwarden, my vault has on no account had complications. then again, I constantly export that vault just to be certain. should whatever thing take place to my vault on Friday, all I need to do is fix a copy from Monday, and that i'm good to head.

a way to export your Bitwarden vault for safekeeping

but how do you export that vault? i go to show you. when you know the way here is accomplished, remember to be aware to do it consistently, so you at all times can be certain you've got a working replica of the vault. With that noted, let's get to it.


The most effective element you'll need is a working reproduction of Bitwarden and a legitimate vault to export. i may be demonstrating this on the computing device edition of Bitwarden, however the system can also be achieved from the internet and cellular types of the service as well.

One thing to bear in mind, besides the fact that children, is that most effective own vault gadgets should be exported. when you've got entries inside a company, they aren't covered.

With each things on the equipped, it be time to get to the export. Let's try this.

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Open the Bitwarden laptop client and type your master Password. when you've unlocked the vault, you will have access to the entire contents inside.

click File > Export Vault to demonstrate the export popup.

The only belongings you must do for the export are opt for the File format and type your master password. as a result of we're exporting this to be saved in case of catastrophe (and which will be used for Bitwarden if needed), we will opt for the .json layout. when you've chosen the file format, class your grasp password once again, after which click on the Export button (arrow pointing downward). 

There don't seem to be many alternate options for the Bitwarden export window.

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you're going to then be induced to verify the export. click on Export Vault and then choose a location to house the export. i would suggest maintaining the default identify, because it includes the date and timestamp, so that you'll be aware of which vault is the most up-to-date, should you need to use it. click keep and you're finished.

a large caveat

The one issue with exporting your Bitwarden vault is that it be an unencrypted JSON file. That capacity any one may view that file and gain entry to your passwords. as a result of this, i might tremendously suggest you encrypt that file with a third-birthday party tool, or as a minimum cover it away on a flash drive, and even lock it away in a safe. You don't are looking to depart that file lying around for any one to see.

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and that's the reason all there is to exporting your Bitwarden vault. may still catastrophe strike, all you ought to do is go to the Bitwarden web version, opt for equipment from the right navigation bar, opt for Import records, choose the correct file structure, select select File, and then find the file to import.

do this continuously, so you always have a working copy of your Bitwarden vault.


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