Lesson plan: Gun legal guidelines and book bans — how to locate the missing context

Social media posts that evoke amazing feelings with the aid of sharing misinformation about controversial themes taken out of context go viral as a result of they trigger our desire to act. These posts stretch the data to make viewers think emotions like fear or anger.

college students will study the "good 5 ways to investigate for context" and take into account why figuring out the context at the back of the suggestions in social media posts is essential.


This lesson will equip students with tools to establish and truth-assess viral social media posts that create amazing emotional reactions by getting rid of crucial context from the guidance. students will be capable of explain why figuring out context is vital, find out how to craft positive search phrases to discover correct context, and find out how to evaluate the credibility of search consequences. college students can be able to answer the following questions:

• How does a lack of context alternate the that means of guidance? • Why do posts with out context about controversial themes make us greater likely to share misinformation? • How am i able to write greater advantageous search phrases to locate correct context a couple of put up? • How am i able to evaluate the credibility of search consequences to find the most accurate information?

This lesson became developed via PBS NewsHour scholar Reporting Labs in partnership with MediaWise and the teen reality-Checking network, which are a part of the Poynter Institute. This partnership has been made feasible with support from Google.


college students may be in a position to:

  • explain why online posts about controversial subject matters without appropriate context factors us to unknowingly share misinformation.
  • Search easily for additional context concerning the issue.
  • consider the credibility of search effects.
  • subjects media literacy, social experiences, language arts, journalism

    Estimated Time 45 – 60 minutes

    materials Activator  (5 Minutes)

    monitor this tweet or an analogous one that suggests the value of context.

    Ask college students why "my bad" skill anything distinct in different contexts. explain what "context" ability in relation to this meme if vital.

    explain that we are going to analyze how viral posts about controversial issues that lack context can result in generally sharing misinformation about serious issues.

    Acquisition (10 Minutes)
  • Then screen this tweet about gun handle and publication bans in ok. Ask students to first list the robust emotions it evokes. [Shock, Fear, Anger, etc.]
  • Then ask them to jot down two questions they could ask as a way to verify if the two claims within the tweet are accurate. best solutions are:
  • Are excessive school seniors in Oklahoma allowed to raise an AR-15 with no let?
  • Is "To Kill a Mockingbird" banned from Oklahoma excessive schools? 
  • After discussing the questions, clarify that these questions would turn into respectable "long-tail" key phrase search terms to discover more information about each declare.
  • Preview the important thing vocabulary — clarify they may be researching in regards to the "exact five tips on how to examine for missing context" and ask them to add the definitions to their handout.
  • 1- search for the supply of the information – study the poster's bio and identify any businesses with whom they're affiliated.
  • 2- determine skills bias – examine concerning the mission of any supply's organizational affiliations. think about how the supply might also consider in regards to the subject matter.
  • 3- Search using selected "lengthy-tail" keyword phrases – a protracted-tail key phrase search is a phrase with four or extra phrases certain to the information you are seeking for.
  • 4- follow "click restraint"– "click restraint" capability resisting the urge to click on the primary search influence. It could be a paid advert or come from a biased supply.
  • 5- evaluate search outcomes – Use Google's "About This outcome" tool with the aid of clicking the three dots to the right of search consequences to consider their credibility.
  • application (25 Minutes)
  • explain that students will watch a video from the MediaWise Teen reality-Checking network that looks for the missing context of both claims during this tweet.
  • Ask students to song how the missing context became found using the five steps by answering the questions within the desk as they watch the video.
  • After gazing the video, talk about the answers.
  • 1- The supply of the tweet is affiliated with what company?: mothers Demand motion
  • 2- What bias in regards to the subject matter of "gun violence" could the source have?: MDA is a bunch that makes use of donations and volunteers to combat in opposition t gun violence in the united states. The community's mission is to "move more suitable gun laws" and "close the loopholes that jeopardize the security of our families." 
  • 3- Two questions
  • (i) What specific "lengthy-tail search phrase" changed into used to seek extra assistance about gun laws in good enough?: "Can high school seniors in Oklahoma raise AR-15s without enables?"  — be aware that the query will also be the hunt term!
  • (ii) What certain "long-tail search phrase" was used to seek more tips concerning the "To Kill a Mockingbird" ban in adequate colleges?: "to kill a mockingbird banned Oklahoma"
  • four- How did the teenager truth-checker evaluate the search effects?: Clicked on the three dots next to look effects to see Google's "About outcomes" device.
  • 5- Which two search outcomes were prevented? Why?
  • (1)- Giffords law center, which is an "advocacy and analysis corporation concentrated on promoting gun manage."
  • (2)- countrywide Rifle association's Institute for Legislative action, which is "committed to holding" 2nd change Rights.
  • What search outcomes was chosen? Why?: KOCO information, an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma metropolis. It says: "The law allows for americans to carry a gun with out a permit or license, and it applies to those 21 years old or older, or these 18 and within the military."
  • What answers did the seek context find out in regards to the two questions raised through the tweet?
  • Are high school seniors in Oklahoma allowed to carry an AR-15 and not using a permit? 
  • Is "To Kill a Mockingbird" banned from Oklahoma excessive faculties?
  • there's ONE college district in Oklahoma out of all 509 districts that has banned "To Kill A Mockingbird" in its libraries and school rooms: the city of Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma city. See PEN the united states's checklist of school publication Bans 
  • assessment (5 Minutes)

    "What's the huge thought?" dialogue Questions

  • How do posts with missing context about controversial issues raise the percentages of spreading misinformation? Posts about controversial topics with out context exaggerate or misrepresent the problem and cause potent feelings like concern or anger which cloud our good judgment and trigger our reflex to share the tips.
  • Why is it essential to check for missing context in posts that set off effective emotions? effective feelings like concern or anger cloud our capability to suppose logically and set off a "battle or flight" reflex devoid of thinking in regards to the advice first.
  • Why is it critical to evaluate the results of an internet look for context? commonly the true search results are paid advertisements by way of agencies or agencies with an agenda and a biased opinion concerning the subject matter and may not deliver factual guidance.
  • Extension and Refining undertaking

    seek context about an online publish you find or is assigned to you and finished the table beneath.

    approach question and answer 1- lookup the supply of the counsel With which agencies is the source affiliated? 2- investigate for bias What bias may the supply have? 3- Search the usage of certain "lengthy-tail" key terms Write a particular "lengthy-tail search phrase" to search for context. four- practice "click on Restraint" 5- evaluate search consequences Which search effects have been avoided? Which search effects selected? Why?

    illustration put up to assign: hyperlink to the article cited within the tweet – "FDA warns chemicals from sunscreen enter your bloodstream after sooner or later"

    usual Tweet (and hyperlink to the tweet):

    extra substances

    MediaWise is a digital media literacy initiative of the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation. Now in over 170 core and high schools, PBS NewsHour student Reporting Labs (SRL) is a countrywide early life journalism application that trains teens across the nation to produce stories that highlight the achievements and challenges today's youth face.


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