Little lady teaches adorable pet cat how to use a treadmill, video goes viral

The videos that capture fur children interacting with human children are the sort of satisfaction to watch. now not best do they soften our hearts into puddles, but they frequently keep us glued to our screens and immediate us to monitor the sweet interplay again and again again. And one such video it really is certain to increase your soul is doing the rounds on social media via its a number of reshares.

The video posted on a Twitter page known as Yog is credited to a TikTok person who makes use of the deal with @danieIIesanford67. "Little lady teaches a cat how to use a treadmill," study the caption posted together with the video. In it, you can see a little girl teaching her lovely pet cat a way to stroll on the treadmill. as the video progresses, the cat inspects and then receives on the treadmill. And as quickly as she did that, the little lady acquired all excited, giggled, and jumped for joy.

Watch the viral video beneath:

The video become shared a couple of hours on Twitter and has due to the fact that gathered over 1000000 views, and the numbers are nonetheless expanding. Many have additionally posted their reactions to the cute video through feedback.

"I can't accept as true with she acquired that cat to try this. What an excellent cat!" wrote an individual on Twitter. "The cat does it superior," commented an additional. "'Copycat' is a true factor!" joked a third. "I even have on no account been a fan of cats and honestly Twitter has helped me see…they are kinda lovable and wise," remarked a fourth.

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