most advantageous solution to farm sweet in fate 2 festival of the misplaced

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it's the most excellent time of the year. competition of the misplaced has returned to fate 2. With it comes an all-new adventure Card that ought to be accomplished if Guardians need to earn the exciting holiday title Ghost creator. Two of those challenges require Guardians to amass a treasure trove of candy value at least 30,000 items. this is no small feat as actions like Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit only awarded 250-350 per completion. With a ticking clock underway, what are the most reliable ways to farm sweet?

There are three sure-fireplace how you can right now and correctly sweet in competition of the misplaced 2022. however before we get into that, we want to remind you to have your competition of the lost mask equipped! with out it, you won't be seeing any of that candy loot. the primary solution to goal farm some sweet and the least attainable is to take down the Grandmaster Nightfalls. These will award 700 candy as a base with more given for clearing enemies along the way.


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