short fixes: the way to fix a MagSafe that isn’t charging your telephone

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Your MagSafe charger all at once isn't, neatly, charging.

quick repair

Do a hard reset.

the complete story

wireless charging is brilliant, however it rapidly turns into a difficult mess if you plop down your mobile for some juice and spot nothing occurs after a couple of minutes. if your iPhone 12, 13, or 14 is all of sudden now not charging with a correct Apple MagSafe charger or suitable third-celebration charger but nonetheless expenses fine with a wired Lightning connection, it's feasible there's whatever happening within the MagSafe application handshake within iOS.

I've had this identical situation take place to my iPhone 12 pro Max, where MagSafe changed into working at all times but then all started performing up. It seemed to be recharging when dropped on a charger, however after only a moment, it might mysteriously stop. (Oddly satisfactory, cheaper non-MagSafe magnetic wireless chargers persevered working just first-class whereas I experienced such woes with proper MagSafe pucks and stands.)


fortuitously, there's a straightforward troubleshooting step make sure you are trying before contacting Apple guide or worrying your fancy charger has long past kaput. You should try a drive restart of your iPhone — and earlier than you freak out, you could relaxation certain that here is now not a manufacturing facility reset that wipes any of your records. It's just a full reboot that's corresponding to force closing an app on macOS or power cycling your domestic router when things go awry.

the way to fix it

The steps are effortless and painless. just bear in mind that you should do them in brief succession.

  • along with your iPhone unlocked, straight away press and liberate the extent Up button.
  • Then automatically after, press and free up the extent Down button.
  • Now press and hang the facet / vigor button until the reveal turns off and the Apple brand seems.
  • liberate the button and let your iPhone boot up.
  • Now, are attempting that identical MagSafe charger that turned into appearing up. See if it begins charging, and ensure it continues to cost after a couple of minutes. If it does, be sure to be within the clear. in any other case, it may be time to consult Apple customer guide.


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