Spotify Wrapped 2022: When it's Coming and the way to discover It

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Spotify's 2021 Wrapped took your personal listening data and spun it into games and an "audio aura" reading. Spotify © provided by CNET Spotify's 2021 Wrapped took your own listening facts and spun it into video games and an "audio air of secrecy" reading. Spotify

Spotify's 2022 Wrapped experiences, which tap into your personal facts to recap your musical tastes for the yr, are poised to arrive any day. 

each year, Spotify places a brand new spin to its evaluate of your listening. final year's Wrapped protected new elements like divining your "audio aura," playing "two truths and a lie" with your 2021 traits and making you the hero of your personal movie soundtrack. and typically, each year's Wrapped event sums up your own excellent artists, genres, songs and podcasts, plus complete minutes listened on Spotify. 

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when you are worried your Wrapped may revealing some embarrassing guilty-pleasure tracks you had on repeat this yr, sorry, it's too late to influence your very own rankings now: The experiences always count number facts from Jan. 1 through Oct. 31.

Wrapped is certainly one of Spotify's most prevalent personalization facets, as neatly as the hook for the enterprise's biggest marketing campaigns of the year. Spotify itself is the realm's largest streaming song service through variety of users, with it annual information recap proposing a pulse of the area's listening habits.

When will Spotify launch Wrapped 2022? 

Spotify hasn't announced a free up date for Wrapped yet this yr. 

In past years, Wrapped experiences launch in early December, always on a Wednesday or a Thursday. but the dates have been creeping prior each year: Wrapped launched on Dec. 6 in 2017 and 2018, on Dec. 5 in 2019, on Dec. 2 in 2020 and on Dec. 1 closing year. based on its developments, it be fair to predict Wrapped to develop into obtainable this week or subsequent. 

how to discover your Wrapped event (once it's reside)

as soon as Spotify launches the 2022 Wrapped experiences, they're usually available handiest in Spotify's cellular app for Android mobile gadgets or Apple iPhones or iPads. 

ultimate yr's Spotify's Android and iOS mobile apps had banners for Wrapped near the exact of the home tab, the place that you can enter your personalised Wrapped.  that you may also discuss with the usage of your Apple or Android cellular machine, which has a button with a deep link that drops you into your Wrapped adventure within the app. in case you see a button that claims "download the app," click on it besides the fact that you could have already put in the app on your gadget. (The button's hyperlink will without problems open the app where you need to be, or it might probably immediate you to update the app in case you haven't executed so in ages.) 

If the experiences have launched and also you nevertheless cannot find your Wrapped, it be feasible you have not used Spotify satisfactory to generate adequate records to create a personalised event. For users to be eligible for Wrapped, they have to stream as a minimum 30 tracks for more than 30 seconds, in addition to circulation at least five artists.

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