the way to completely delete your Twitter account

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With Elon Musk on the helm, Twitter seems to be tripping from one pothole into an extra the entire time. From the sudden proliferation of false accounts with blue tests to an exodus of advertisers, the platform has not been in extraordinary shape. If all of here's prompting you to delete your account, here is our step-through-step book with the intention to aid you do just that.

The process to completely delete your Twitter account is diverse to that of facebook and Instagram. with a view to completely delete your Twitter account, you are going to need to first deactivate it.

so as to deactivate your Twitter account, click on on your profile picture icon on the exact correct of your monitor on mobile and click on on "Settings and privacy" beneath "Settings and guide." On a desktop browser, this choice can be available if you happen to click on on the ellipsis (...) icon on the left bar of Twitter.

After this, click on "Your account." You might be greeted through four options. at the bottom, you will find an alternative that says "Deactivate Account." click on this choice. right here, you can be greeted by counsel about what occurs should you deactivate your account. read this thoroughly earlier than proceeding to the subsequent step.

After this, choose a reactivation duration. Twitter offers you two options: 30 days and 365 days. counting on the length you opt for, your account may be immediately deleted with the aid of Twitter in case you don't reactivate it in the period. After you select your reactivation length, hit the "Deactivate" button. once you do that, you should be asked to enter your Twitter password. Enter your password and hit the "Deactivate" button.

Congratulations, you've got successfully deactivated your Twitter account. Now, your account will automatically be deleted in case you don't reactivate your account before the end of the reactivation period. additionally, be sure that you revoke Twitter access to 3rd-birthday party apps in order that they don't by accident reactivate your account.


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