the way to see the full lunar eclipse from the Bay enviornment on Tuesday

A lunar eclipse is seen as the first blood moon of the year rises through the trees in the Oakland hills on Sunday, May 15, 2022.  © MediaNews group/East Bay times V/MediaNews community by the use of Getty images

A lunar eclipse is viewed as the first blood moon of the 12 months rises during the timber in the Oakland hills on Sunday, may additionally 15, 2022. 

a total lunar eclipse or "blood moon" should be visible internationally early Tuesday morning, and there's an opportunity stargazers within the Bay area will be in a position to see it for themselves — if the weather enables.

The phenomenon happens when the Earth aligns with the solar and casts a shadow over the moon. That causes the moon's surface to seem in a ruddy, crimson-orange colour as atmospheric refraction bends the pink colours of easy from the solar, allowing them to light up the moon, Elinor Gates, a team of workers astronomer at the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, instructed SFGATE on Sunday. 

It's the second total lunar eclipse this yr and received't turn up once again unless 2025.

"These activities are extremely good since you don't need a telescope to look them," Gates spoke of. "A lunar eclipse progresses very slowly. which you could go outside, take a glance, and go returned in if it receives bloodless. All you need is a clear sky, and it helps no longer to have too many city lights around so you can adequately recognize it." 

In California, the totality of the eclipse — or the top phase all the way through which the Earth completely covers the moon — will start at 2:sixteen a.m. and conclusion at three:forty one a.m., Gates stated, however will develop into in part visible as early as hour of darkness. 

"You'll see that as an alternative of a full moon, a part of the moon won't be as seen," Gates stated. "it'll get fainter, and also you'll just see a crescent moon in its place because the moon begins stepping into the Earth's shadow."

The deep red hue that slowly emerges over the moon is led to by using dirt, volcanic ash, and toxins in the Earth's ambiance — the more there is, the redder the moon will seem right through the eclipse. however just how perceptible the experience will be remains to be considered.

"I'd say it's going to be tricky with the weather equipment that's passing through over the next couple of days," Roger Gass, a meteorologist for the countrywide weather carrier, instructed SFGATE on Sunday. "alas, I don't believe we'll see a whole lot of a damage in the cloud cowl throughout the state of California." 

youngsters, it still may well be worth taking a look. in contrast to different parts of the area, the eclipse is expected to be observable from beginning to end on the West Coast with no disruptions.  

"The moon can be deepest in shadow and darkest at 2:fifty nine a.m.," Ben Burress, a personnel astronomer for Chabot space and Science core in Oakland, wrote for KQED on Thursday. "in case you're best attracted to waking for just a few moments to capture a glimpse of the eclipse, here's the time to set your alarm for."

The tutorial middle plans to host a complete lunar eclipse watch celebration on Monday evening from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., with a live presentation led by astronomer Gerald McKeegan in the dead of night. A partial eclipse can nevertheless be viewed unless 5:fifty six a.m.

"You don't need to go very some distance," Gates pointed out. "if you don't have too many bushes or streetlights, most americans can see it from their backyard."


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