how to drink across the clock – in response to Telegraph readers

Telegraph readers are not absolutely in settlement on the most advantageous time for caffeinated scorching drinks, with the gauntlet laid down with the aid of Camilla Borradaile of Dorset. She says: "Louise Lear, the BBC climate forecaster, shocked me when she warned of heavy rain arriving by means of 'espresso time'. When, exactly, is espresso time?" 

Recollections, it seems, may fluctuate but one factor is certain, says Tim Weston of lots Marcle, Herefordshire: "coffee time is under no circumstances at 10am, as it is bait time."

For retired baby school instructor Barbara Southward of Essex, it is going to always be 10.30am. "This was morning playtime for the toddlers and 15 minutes when academics could grab a coffee and a neatly-earned sit down-down."

In Norfolk, Kirsty Blunt says coffee time is a BBC Radio 2-linked religion in her household, "accompanied when King Ken Bruce publicizes that or not it's time to put the kettle on in a position for PopMaster".

Couples may need to compromise. "The day after my wife retired," says Peter Higgins, from Kent, "six years after I had, she all started to make espresso at 10.30am. despite the fact, I suggested her that I had adopted 10.40am as my espresso time. we now have our coffee at 10.50am."

Norfolk's Suzanne Burnell is having none of that. "espresso time is most likely 11am – often known as elevenses." except you're within the Antipodes, Mike Ellis facets out: "Immigrants to New Zealand like me find that what we call morning espresso time is referred to as 'morning tea' or 'smoko', regardless of whether one drinks tea or smokes."

For some it appears British climate holds the key to kettle time. Phil Coutie, from Exeter, clarifies the position: "Rain arriving at 'coffee time'. however when is that? i would say it is 7am, eight.30pm and every hour or two thereafter. a very rainy day."

it's Britain notwithstanding, so aren't all of them?


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