Javed Akhtar spread out about how he decided to quit consuming and in no way seemed returned.

Javed Akhtar has lived most of his existence within the highlight, and at the age of seventy eight, the creator recently reflected on how he gave up drinking. In a chat with Arbaaz Khan on Bollywood Bubble, the author was asked about his excessive consuming in the past, and he shared that he believed he would die an untimely dying if he couldn't curb his alcoholism.

Javed acknowledged that he drank for pleasure, and never as a result of he was attempting to drown his sorrows. "main isliye peeta tha ki leading enjoy karta tha (I drank because I enjoyed it), it turned into a pleasure. i used to be now not drowning any sorrow in it. Magar mujhe ek baat samajh mein aayi, general feel kehta hai ki 52-fifty three tak mujhe marr jana chahiye, if here is how I drink. Isse upar umar meri jani nahi chahiye with this variety of ingesting (however I understood one thing, ordinary sense dictates that with this type of drinking i might die by fifty two-fifty three.)"

Javed said that he consumed a large bottle of rum on July 31, 1991 and from August 1, he gave up alcohol fully. He added that he hasn't even had a sip of champagne in all these years. When Arbaaz applauded his willpower, Javed noted, "Arre dedication koi cheez hi nahi hai (determination is nothing). it's the depth of desire." Javed mentioned that his biggest addiction resides. "Isse amazing dependancy koi nahi (There isn't any bigger addiction that this)."

Javed Akhtar had previously opened up about his battle with alcoholism on a 2012 episode of Aamir Khan's Satyameva Jayate. "I began consuming at a very younger age of 19. when I came to Bombay (now Mumbai) after completing my commencement I all started drinking with friends and later it became a addiction. past I didn't have enough money, but then after my success, cash movement became also looked after. Then got here a time when i might drink one bottle a day," he had pointed out.


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